What are the benefits of project management?

Unless you’re familiar with, or work within the arena of project management, it may seem like a broad, even vague term.
Here, we’ll examine project management in a little more detail. We’ll look at the key benefits of project management to understand why it’s such an important part of any business.
Projects are Everywhere
The default is often to think of projects as long-term, detailed undertakings. Perhaps they seem relegated to the corporate world. Maybe you feel that they have no bearing on your work or day-to-day life.
In truth, projects are everywhere. Much of what we do is already immersed in projects.
Think of both your working life and your personal life. Are there any ideas or goals you’re working to accomplish? Is there anything new you’re striving to learn? Are you trying to change or improve anything?
If yes, then you’re already working on mini-projects. Wouldn’t it be good to know how to run these projects more effectively? Now, we have arrived at project management…

What our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Courses can do for you!

There are so many different paths for training and certifying at Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level. It can be difficult to decide on the right course or accreditation.

We believe that there is no “one size fits all” choice. There are merits to all paths in learning these transformational tools.

Here, we take a look at what our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt courses bring to the table.

An Intensive Approach

We deliver our courses in a short, focused time frame. This helps participants to give their full attention to the training.

The compact timescale makes training easier to fit into a hectic schedule. Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course takes place over 5 consecutive days. 

Practical Skills & Theoretical Knowledge

There is no getting around the fact that there will always be a sizeable amount of theory involved with studying Lean Six Sigma.

To keep training engaging and make the theory digestible, we take a blended approach of practical and theoretical learning in all of our Lean S…

What are the Benefits of Scrum?

Scrum has become one of the most popular ways to manage a project in any business sector, and in every kind of organisation.
This project management framework is a responsive method for handling projects with continually changing or difficult-to-define criteria. It’s also a perfect choice for project teams that work in a fast-paced environment.
Let’s take a look at the following 6 benefits of Scrum project management to understand a little about how it works. You may also get a sense of why it might be an excellent fit for your team’s next project.
6 Benefits of Scrum Project Management
Responds Well to Change

Scrum is the most popular sub-set of Agile. Agile is a flexible approach for project management. Scrum is one of the frameworks we use to implement Agile principles.

As Scrum was created by software developers, it is sharply focused on welcoming change. Scrum Teams understand that in today’s fast-paced business environment, change is not only inevita…

How can Agile Help Your Project?

What is Agile?

Agile is a flexible, phased approach to project management that focuses on responding easily to change and delivering value early and often.
It’s a methodology that originated with the Agile Manifesto in 2001, and has sky-rocketed in popularity ever since.
Agile: Suited to All Businesses
Although Agile started out in the IT sector and was created by software developers, it is suited to all businesses and organisations.
It’s also applicable to almost any kind of project. Whether you use Agile training only, or combine it with more conventional approaches to project management (PRINCE2Ó, Project Management Institute (PMI)Ó framework etc.), you’ll find that elements of Agile can always help the productivity of your project.
Take a look at the 7 Benefits below to see how Agile really makes a difference in project work.

7 Benefits of Agile: How can Using Agile Help your Project?
1.Respond Quickly and Easily to Change

Agile is designed to handle change with ease. It’s probably the…

PRINCE2® Project Management Explained in 7 Simple Tips

What is PRINCE2®?
PRINCE2® is a project management methodology used in many large and small businesses worldwide. PRINCE2® is favoured by a large number of government and multi-national organisations.
It’s a very popular approach to managing projects, due to its combination of clear structure and flexibility.
Where did PRINCE2® come from?
PRINCE2® developed from an older project management system, PROMPT II.
The term PRINCE2® stands for Projects In a Controlled Environment, and the 2 is taken from “PROMPT II”.
PRINCE2® was established in 1989 and quickly become the primary project management approach used by government agencies in the UK.
In the 30 years since its inception, the popularity of PRINCE2® has expanded to make it one of the most-utilised project management methodologies worldwide.

What are the Benefits of PRINCE2®?
A Reliable Framework
One of PRINCE2®’s defining characteristics is structure. When utilising a PRINCE2® approach, you’ll have the benefit of a reliable project manage…

Lean Six Sigma Training Dublin

We run Lean Six Sigma courses all year round in our various Dublin training venues. Our courses are both open to the public, and available to be customised and delivered in-company.

We believe in intensive, highly practical training delivery for maximum impact. Our green belt courses are structured in short, focused formats that work with your schedule, meaning training won’t be disruptive to your current role.
Our Dublin Training Venues
We have a number of training locations in Dublin, all within easy reach of the M50. We choose venues outside the city centre so that we can offer our delegates complimentary parking and eliminate the stress of city centre traffic.

All of our Dublin training venues are accessible by public transport.
Courses Available
You can find out more about each of our Lean Six Sigma courses and their relevant certifications by selecting a course name from the list below.

On each course page, you’ll find details of the course benefits, content, and certification. You c…

Train The Trainer Courses Dublin

Who is Train The Trainer was created as a home for “all things Train the Trainer”. It’s a resource for those who want to gain clear, accurate, and up-to-date knowledge about Train the Trainer Course qualifications, training, and the path to becoming a professional trainer.

Train The Trainer: What We Do We offer high-impact, classroom-based QQI Train the Trainer courses suitable for all levels of experience, and for people in all industries.

Our courses are operated by Professional Development, which is approved to deliver training leading to QQI Certification.

We also provide information and useful articles for those who are interested in learning more about the QQI Train the Trainer certifications, and how to become a qualified trainer. How We Deliver Train The Trainer Our Train the Trainer courses blend practical and theoretical work, so that each participant leaves with a well-rounded knowledge and the confidence to deliver effective training.

Our trai…